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ELITEdental was built on a foundation of caring, skill, knowledge and communication. Dr. Wisniewski and his team make every effort to deliver the highest level of comprehensive dental care in a comfortable, sterile and state-of-the-art environment.


We truly value our patients and strive to attain your highest level of trust. We make sure each decision is made together and is the best plan for your long term vision. Our team will treat you like family and base every decision with that commitment to you.


At ELITEdental, Dr. Wisniewski believes that quality care is always constant with time being the only variable. Perfection is the level he and his staff consistently strive to attain. Their goal is to give you great dental knowledge with a mission to educate, motivate, and promote preventative care at each dental visit for a lifetime of optimum health.


The team at ELITEdental feel that the foundation of any beautiful smile begins with healthy bone and gum tissue as well as muscle and TMJ stability. Dr. Wisniewski finds these principles absolutely paramount to a healthy, functioning smile as well as complete systemic health. That’s why Dr. Wisniewski and his team really strive to know each patient's dental health as well as their dental health without compromise.

Dr. Wisniewski believes that form follows function. He will make sure that all of your teeth function together effortlessly to minimize wear and fracturing. This will result in a long-term beautiful functioning smile that looks fabulous and makes you feel young your entire life!

Our Team








Philip C Wisniewski, DDS, FAGD
  • Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry

  • Holland Free Health Clinic Provider

  • Miles of Smiles Provider

  • American Dental Association

  • Michigan Dental Association

  • Academy of General Dentistry

  • American Equilibration Society

  • American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics


Dental Assistant

Office Coordinator
   Insurance Coordinator

Dental Assistant

 Treatment Coordinator
      Dental Hygienist
Our Services



Our modern x-ray technology provides quicker and more clear images of your teeth while utilizing 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays, keeping you safe, healthy, and up-to-date.


Orthodontic treatment without the inconvenience of brackets, wires, or frequent visits to the orthodontist. These clear aligners are removable, easy to travel with, and simple to clean. Enjoy a straighter smile, healthier gums, and functioning bite with Invisalign.


Our whitening system is custom made to your mouth to prevent the inconvenient mess of other whitening treatments. The clear trays perfectly fit to both your upper and lower teeth and the convenient gel packs contain the strongest whitening power available for at-home use. Your teeth will shine a beautiful pearly white.


Hello Hollywood, veneers are an easy way to achieve the look that you desire from your healthy teeth. These carefully crafted porcelain coverings will be the glistening white teeth you see in the movies and be shaped to the ideal form for your smile structure. 


If you experience soreness in your jaw, frequent headaches, or grind your teeth while sleeping - this wonderful device is going to be your new best friend. Custom-made for your teeth, this covering protects your teeth as you sleep and will restore your night's sleep to a pleasant experience, allowing you to wake up free of aches and pains.


The discomfort is removed by disinfecting the pulp chamber within the canal of a tooth. Although this procedure is only necessary in the presence of infection or severe decay, it is Dr. Wisniewski's effort to save a tooth that would otherwise be lost.


In a majority of cases, Dr. Wisniewski is able to save you the visit at a specialist or an oral surgeon's office and provide tooth extraction at his office, this includes wisdom teeth or teeth unable to be saved through alternative procedures.


One of the few options available to replace a missing tooth with a permanent prosthetic device. A Bridge is a 3-part entity in which 2 crowns on the opposing sides to a missing tooth create a support for a custom tooth in desired space. The custom tooth, called a pontic, is designed in a lab to look like yours including accurate coloring and shape. This is an ideal option for molars as almost 100% of bite force is restored.


Our licensed hygienists are experienced and knowledgeable. Their passion to help you achieve excellent oral hygiene will shine as much as your teeth will. 


A preventative procedure in which healthy permanent teeth are protected from decay by placing this product in the deep grooves of the teeth where the decay would typically collect.


Unfortunately, a large majority of people will experience a composite in their lifetime. Known more commonly as "fillings" this basic restorative service removes decay from one to five surfaces of the tooth and replaces it with a hardy, tooth-colored material called resin. 


Dr. Wisniewski's specialty and the most advanced procedure for replacing decay in a tooth. In the mid-1900's it began with amalgam fillings, then resin composites, now inlays. Inlays are made of gold or porcelain and can last for 20-30 years. This restoration is ideal for decay that exists between the teeth or on teeth in charge of most of the chewing, such as molars.


Attention to detail is an absolute necessity for a proper fit and aesthetically-pleasing crown. Dr. Wisniewski skillfully works with the best labs in the West MI area to craft a beautiful and functional crown that will leave you confident in your smile.


Attention to detail is an absolute necessity for a proper fit and aesthetically-pleasing denture. Dr. Wisniewski skillfully works with the best labs in the West MI area to craft a beautiful and functional denture that will leave you confident in your smile.


Our initial comprehensive evaluation truly sets our office apart.  You will receive a tour of our modern office to get comfortable, following which, Dr. Wisniewski, will evaluate your mouth and jaw in every aspect. This exam allows time to answer any questions or concerns and provides you with the options for your oral treatment, including priority items versus future goals.


Periodontal disease is a gum disease indicated through multiple symptoms, the most distinct being noted during the measurement of pocket depths at your dentist's examination. If you have pocket depths of more than 3mm on most of your teeth, it is a strong indication of this disease, which will require additional care for you to maintain your hygiene.


Success Stories


"I am thrilled to have found Elite Dental in Holland, Michigan. I have been going here since July 2019 to get some much needed dental work done and have had nothing but excellent and positive experiences.  The staff is always friendly and cordial and they greet me by my name every time I arrive.  On my first visit I was taken on a tour of the office and introduced to the people working there. It made me feel like a member of their "family".  Dr. Wisniewski always explains what procedures he will be doing and the reasons why and answers any questions I might have so I always feel comfortable and know ahead of time what will be done at my next appointment.  I finally found my permanent and long term dental care team!"


"I've been going here for the last few years, and Elite has been great! I even won an $800+ teeth whitening kit that I can't wait to start using! The team there is great to work with and I haven't had any insurance issues through Guardian.
Highly recommend giving a shot if you are looking at new dental office in the Holland area."

Ross Bloemers
Petra Bulthouse 

"The staff is very friendly and professional. State of the art equipment in a beautiful and modern office. The dentist truly cares about your teeth. I was convinced that I had to have a full upper denture, but he managed to come up with a plan to save the good ones and build the denture around those. A ++"


Receptionists are very friendly and personable.  I was always offered a drink while I waited.  I had a lot of cosmetic dental work, and they worked well with my limited schedule and helped with financing and payment plan options!  I would highly recommend their office.  Doctor Wisniewski does great work!  I love my new smile.

Emily Glass

"Receptionists are very friendly and personable. I was always offered a drink while I waited. I had a lot of cosmetic dental work, and they worked well with my limited schedule and helped with financing and payment plan options! I would highly recommend their office. Doctor Wisniewski does great work! I love my new smile."

"Amazing staff! I love coming because the quality service and the staff is super friendly. It was hard for me to move from my usual family dentist I have been with for years and start coming here but after just my first appointment I absolutely do not regret changing dentists. Rarely do I even submit reviews but this place earned it!"

Tania Marin  


"This is the best dental team I've ever dealt with. I had a huge fear of dentists so much so that my heath was being effected by my oral unhealth. These guys made me look forward to seeing them....fear gone. And they worked hard at giving me a new smile. I'm am "elated with Elite"!!"

 Connie Dehaan    
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400 136th avenue #300

holland, mi  49424 


Monday                 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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